Are we going
to Europe?

Hello! It is a great honor for us to greet you through this medium and present you the vision of what will be Campfire Europe. One of the assignments we receive from God for Europe is to be part of the youth movement. We firmly believe that youth is key to the revival that God is beginning to awaken on this continent. Our challenge is to create a space for training and activation of young people who assume their role and are determined to run for the purposes of the Father.






I want to be part



Can I take advantage of it and take a few days off in a host city or some other city in Europe?
Yes, everyone can take advantage of family activities or groups in the city they want. They should only inform us in what city we are going to have that person and what will be their willingness to collaborate in a timely manner.
Some mentioned that they want to go before or stay later or use the free days of the week. There is no problem, we encourage you to rest and take advantage of those days. Just let us know how far we can count on you.

If I promise to collaborate in one or more venues, those days can I go shopping or take my time?
If you signed up to collaborate, within the organization we will have your person to help us in whatever it takes, so it will be important not to blur and be willing and available. It should not happen that when we need them, they are not in the place or are distracted by other things. He who agrees to collaborate, also commits to be exclusively for the CAMPFIRE those days.

What will be my specific task?
Before traveling, in the previous meetings, we will be setting up commissions and grouping the specific tasks of each one.

What will the weather be like in those days?
We are going to go to the end of spring entering the summer.

What kind of clothing should I wear?
Comfortable clothes according to the season and the type of event we are organizing. There is the possibility that some assigned clothing should be worn by their assigned task.

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