Do you live
in Europe?

Hello! It is a great honor for us to greet you through this medium and present you the vision of what will be Campfire Europe. One of the assignments we receive from God for Europe is to be part of the youth movement. We firmly believe that youth is key to the revival that God is beginning to awaken on this continent. Our challenge is to create a space for training and activation of young people who assume their role and are determined to run for the purposes of the Father.







What does the value of the registration include?
Includes admission to the conference in its entirety, workshops.

Does it include lodging and / or food?
No, it only includes admission to the conference, all the lodging and food are on your own, we will only give you some options. For more information, mail us to

I already registered and paid, now what should I do?
You must print the electronic flyer and the QR access code or make sure to take it on your electronic device by the time you register at the beginning of the conference. If you have any question different from the ones you find in this FAQ section, then we invite you to write to

Are there discounts for family or groups?
You must be aware of the general discounts that will be given, there will be no specific discounts for family or groups.

What should I do if I can not register online or I can not pay for the page?
Contact us by sending an email to:

Can I register the day of the event?
Yes, you can do it but you must bear in mind that the value you will pay is full rate, that is, you will not have the discounts thrown by signing up on certain dates.